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Studio 11b welcomes you to our boutique yet highly professional recording facility in the heart of Mount Maunganui. With years of combined experience, an impressive array of vintage analogue and state of the art digital equipment: we strive to produce your next project to the outstanding result our clients all deserve.

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The scariest thing for any musician can be beginning the recording process. Fears of escalating costs, an engineer ignorant to your sound or demands and judgement from unhelpful anti-social studio geeks can lead many a musician to record on the cheap in their parents garage to mixed results. At Studio 11b we promise to buck these recording studio cliches by bringing your projects to life with zero judgement, a positive and always welcoming attitude but most importantly to have it achieved at the highest of quality while still at very affordable and flexible rates.

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With two purpose built recording rooms we are able to capture the nuances of all musical styles. Our smaller wood paneled room comes with a grand piano and is perfect for solo acts and acoustic artists looking for a more intimate sound. While our main room with its high stud ceiling is excellent for capturing a diverse drum and guitar sound or for housing larger and louder groups. A fully isolated vocal booth is also available for voice over and sound effect work.

Our engineers have decades of combined experience to craft your ideas from concept to completion. Using a mixture of ever growing vintage analogue and modern digital recording equipment they also have at their disposal one of the Bay of Plenty’s largest collections of guitars, pedals, amps, drums, keyboards and high quality microphones to enhance your music to the best of its potential.

As musicians and music fans ourselves we pride ourselves on knowing what is needed to make the recording process go as easy and smoothly as possible. But also more importantly we use this to play our part in helping you to achieve a completed recording of your own desire and satisfaction.


Our expert team will help you to realise your recordings full potential each step of the way. From offering production points regarding sound techniques, helping with song craftsmanship and working with you from beginning to end to make sure that your vision is everything you both imagined and wanted. With a Trident Series 70 mixing desk at the heart of our control room and a plethora of analogue pre amps, compressors and high quality microphones we can capture and complete your sound to the highest and most professional of qualities. Your input in into this process will be of much value to our engineer as moves from tracking to mixing your songs. While it is our engineer in control we wish to work alongside our customers to create the best possible product for your release.

Studio 11b also offers voice over/mix for broadcast work, mobile recordings, live sound services, rehearsal spaces and equipment hire.

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Mixing Console

Trident Series 70 28 channel desk


1 x RMS 47
2 x AKG C414 eb (vintage)
2 x AKG C414 xls
2 x AKG c460b
1 x AKG c451
1 x AKG D112
2 x Royer R121
1 x Royer SF12
2 x Blue Kiwi
2 x Charter Oak e700
2 x WA251
2 x BeesKneez Lulu
2 x Microtech Gefell umt70s
2 x Sennheiser MD421
2 x Sennheiser e609
1 x Shure sm7b
1 x Shure sm77
1 x Shure sm91
2 x Shure sm58
2 x Shure sm57
2 x Shure beta57
1 x Shure bets52
1 x Shure beta58
1 x Beyerdynamic m201
2 x Audix D2
1 x Audix D4
1 x Audix D6
1 x Lewitt LCT 640
1 x Lewitt LCT 340


Quested S8 studio monitors
Genelec 8020c
Yamaha HS8
Behringer Powerplay P16-M Headphone system

Recording System

Pro Tools 10HD
Pro Tools 2019 Native
SSL s-Logic Delta
Orion 32+

Pre Amps

1 x Manly Vox Box
1 x Buzz Audio SSA 1.1 (dual channel)
1 x Studio Electronics pre 2 (dual channel)
1 x SPL Gold Mike 2 (dual channel)
2 x WA73
2 x Tone Beast
1 x Toft AFC-2 (dual channel)
1 x WA412 (four channel)
1 x Ekadek Valve pre (dual channel)


2 x EL8X Distressor
1 x Buzz Audio SOC 2.0
1 x HCL Varis
2 x WA76
1 x WA2A
1 x Toft DC-2


We have too many electric guitars, electric basses, acoustic guitars, cigar box guitars and weird guitars to name. Please get in touch if you need something specific to your session.

Guitar Amps

Fender twin vintage silverface combo
Vox AC30 custom hand-wired combo
Orange R30 class A valve combo
Marshall Plexi 50w head
Tone King Imperial
Roland JC120
Matchless C30
Marshall 1960v 4×12 Speaker Cab
Fender 4×12 open back speaker cab with original 20w Greenbacks
Custom 2×12 speaker cab with vintage 30s

Guitar Pedals

We have over 100 pedals in our collection, probably one of, if not the largest in the Bay of Plenty.

Bass Amps

Aguilar DB751 head
Aguilar TH 500 head
Ampeg svt 7 head
Aguilar DB 410 speaker cab
Aguilar SL 410x speaker cab
SWR 8×8 bass cab


Rogers Holiday (1964)
22×14 kick drum
13×9 rack tom
16×16 floor tom

Ludwig Classic (1973)
24×14 kick drum
13×9 rack tom
14×10 rack tom
14×14 floor tom
16×16 floor tom

Pearl Masterworks Mahogany (2005)
22×20 kick drum
10×8 rack tom
12×9 rack tom
14×10 rack tom
16×16 floor tom
18×16 floor tom

Snare drums:
1961 Ludwig chrome over brass “super ludwig” 14×5
– 1967 Ludwig Jazz Festival maple/poplar 14×5
Ludwig black beauty 14×6.5
Pearl Masterworks Mahogany 14×8
Sonar custom DC bronze 14×8


Nord wave
Korg Triton LE
Korg sp250
Korg SV-1
Moog little phatty
Yamaha Grand Piano
Yamaha Upright Piano

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Location / Contact

11B MacDonald St,
Mount Maunganui, NZ.

BOOKINGS / Technical

Phone: +64 27 916 5129
Email: [email protected]

bookings / general enquiries
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